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quoteHonlee provides web design that is unmatched—she stands out on top.  With utmost confidence, I recommend Nisa WebDesigns to business owners ready to raise the bar for themselves, their business, and their level of success.”
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quoteI recommend working with Honlee without reservation. She is honest, talented, smart, prompt, caring, personal and professional and VERY easy to work with ... I am already making money from my site and we just got it up yesterday.”
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quoteHonlee is the best we have worked with, and
we have worked with several of the top web designers.
Her work reflects brilliance in design, attention to detail, combined with heart.”
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quoteThroughout the process, Honlee was thorough, detailed, prompt, reliable, and professional. She left no stone unturned and no question unanswered!”
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quoteMy website looks a million times better than I could ever imagine! She helped me so much that I had exposure on the web AND subscribers even before my website was officially launched!!!”
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quoteDo things right the first time. If you need a webmaster for your first eBusiness, you won’t regret hiring Honlee. And if your website is already on life-support, I’m confident Honlee can breathe new life into your tired, old web corpse.”
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quoteShe truly is a gem to work with and very professional. She is very prompt and thorough with any email replies, reliable, and has lots of integrity. I felt that I could trust her from the very start and I wasn’t disappointed.”
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quoteThanks, Honlee, everything seems to be working great and looks great! ... I've had 6 applications today, which is the most I've seen on a single day.  So that's encouraging, especially since we just got the new site up and running only yesterday.”
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quoteFrom start to finish her passion for web design and customer satisfaction is proven by her outstanding ability to over-deliver and to ensure her clients are 110% completely satisfied and happy. She will put YOU the customer #1 in priority, listening and replying to any questions you may have. She walks the talk and she lives the Aloha spirit. Highly courteous and always respectful.”
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quoteThanks to Honlee’s knowledge of website optimization, MSN had spidered 19 pages of my website within 48 hours of the site going live. Yahoo was right behind MSN, and I understand it usually takes weeks or months for Yahoo to find your site.”
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What's my next step?

Billions of dollars are being transacted online. Isn't it About Time YOU Get Online and Get a Piece of the Pie?!

Investing in a website is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity in today's highly competitive global marketplace ...

If you haven't invested in a website for your business, isn't it about time YOU get online? 

If you already have a website and know it's long over-due for a website facelift to be competitive and profit-pulling, isn't it about time you stop putting it off?!

A website is an essential and powerful marketing tool in today's hi-tech world. It is the premier way for you to connect with and profit from a local and global marketplace. It is no longer an option, but a must-have.

[Not convinced?  Read the 10 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Website!]

In fact, in our hi-tech, inter-connected, internet integrated world, a website is as essential as having a business phone and a business card.  Your competitors have one and your customers expect you to have one. You know all of this and yet you keep putting it off.

You might even try to build a site yourself to save money or hire the el cheapo teenager (you know your friend's son who dabbles with computers and yet knows nothing about design and marketing), end up with an useless site you are embarrassed of, spinning your wheels, only to eventually throw your hands up in the air ...

[A deep sigh - you have just wasted a lot of time and effort, and time is money. When all is said and done, did you really save any time or money?]

So, where do you start? Take action today and hire Nisa WebDesigns! 

You focus on what you do best and that's running your business and we focus on what we do best and that's designing and developing you an attractive, profit-pulling website.

Nisa WebDesigns specializes in attractive, user-friendly, functional, profit-pulling web sites built with proven, effective design and marketing strategies and principles from the ground up. 

Anyone can build a web site, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye - great design and marketing know-how just to name a few.  We are design and marketing savvy, so you get the best of both worlds. 

And, we are a web design boutique with a personal and professional approach, so you feel and get the much needed support to get you off to a running start. Because a successful web site is a collaborative team effort, we select our clients to ensure there's a good match.

Your web site will work tirelessly for you 24/7/365, be your money making machine, stand out from the crowd, keep you in touch with local and global customers, and showcase your products and services in the most positive light. 

Your customers get solutions to their problems - their lives are improved and they are happier as a result, and you make more money in the process, too! A true win-win! Ka-ching!

Keep up with the times and stop putting it off for another day and you just might find yourself doubling, even tripling your bottom line!

So what are you waiting for? Whether it's a much needed website facelift or a brand new web site design, stop putting it off another day. 

Attract your ideal clients with an attractive website, take action starting right now!

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10 Compelling Reasons to Invest in a Website!

1 Increase your Business' Exposure to a Local & Global Marketplace
2 Make money even while you sleep!  Your Site is Open Around the Clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
3 Boost your Company's Image and Compete with the Big Ones - the internet levels the playing field
4 Improve and Enhance Customer Service - save time and money answering the same questions over and over again with a Company FAQs page, Contact info, etc.
5 Update Products and Services Easily and Quickly - make updates on the spot and save tons of $$ on traditional printing costs
6 Your Competitors have one and your Customers Expect you to have one
7 A Great Way to Network with Businesses, Create Joint Ventures, and Make New Business Connections & Friends
8 Gain a Competitive Edge Over your Competition - invest in a web site before they do
9 Instant interactivity and Feedback with Customers, so you can Stay in Touch with Customers Easily, Consistently, and More Frequently
10 Leverage your time, efforts, and money - no need to spend tons of cash on traditional printing and advertising costs; plus, your website will work tirelessly for you, never call in sick or complain about over-time!
Investing in a web site is no longer an option but a must-have.

With all these benefits, you would be foolish not to invest in a website - that is if you want to have a fighting chance in today's global marketplace.

Come on now, so what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and take action right now!


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